Helping reactive dogs and owners from all around the world


Helping reactive dogs and owners from all around the world


 I'm so happy to share this new website for the first anniversary of the @reactivedogsotw Instagram account! This is only the beginning, here's what's coming soon: 

  • More owners, trainers and pet services to be added to the map;
  • Free tips and information to help you and your reactive dog;
  • A collaborative blog;
  • Links to more ressources;
  • Online training classes.

Must read:

I really hope you'll like it, this place is made to help you, so fill free to share any suggestions on how I could make it better. 


Owners and trainers around the world

How can I appear on the map?


The goal is to share the information that is already on Instagram and to facilitate meetings between owners of reactive dogs, who would like to train together or simply go for a coffee to decompress! It's also the perfect place to look for a force free trainer! 


Just answer those few questions and allow me 1 or 2 weeks to add you.


 Click here and fill the form! If you are a trainer and a reactive dog owner, only fill the trainer form, there's a section to talk about your dog and I will add you twice.

But trainers, if you  let us know about your own reactive dog, you are doing so in a personal capacity and will be happy to do desensitization sessions for free, as a support to the other reactive dog owners. If you rather not do this, please just fill in the questions about your training. 


Feed coming soon

I want to share my story!

That's how it all began

There's no better way to get inspired than to read other people's stories with their reactive dogs. It's also a good happiness pill when we feel alone with our difficult dog.


If you are a reactive dog owner and use force free methods (or want to) to help your dog, you're welcome to share it with everyone! It doesn't matter if you're only starting or if your dog is now non-reactive, I want to hear about it!


Although I understand that there is a world of methods and that there are good and bad people on both sides, I prefer to share story of only those who do not use force or punishment. This is to be consistent with how I work.


It's really simple! Fill this form and be patient! I'll share your story as soon as I can.

Collaborative blog


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Reactive dogs of the world

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